“Feed Ideas” breakfast was a success!

Feed Ideas - Teepin's Breakfast Event

The “Feed Ideas” breakfast event allowed a closer look on innovation inside the organization. And showed how Teepin is there to channel everything the right way, in order to get real advantage from everyone’s ideas.

The idea of everyone bringing ~4 pounds of non-perishable food items resulted in more than 130 pounds that were sent to the charity initiative “Conferência Mista de S. Vicente de Paulo de S. Félix da Marinha”.

The event album has been uploaded to Teepin’s Facebook  page: Feed Ideas Photo Album.

So, this one, in Gaia, was a breakfast event. Next one will be in Lisbon, at tea time – December 16 (date yet to be confirmed) – hope to see you there!

Teepin’s innovation event to “Feed Ideas”

Innovation Event Feed Ideas

Teepin will be launching a very special event this Friday, November 5. It’s an innovation breakfast to “feed ideas”. People wanting to join just have to bring in ~4 pounds of non-perishable food items, which will be donated to charity.

There will be presented ideas on how organizations can prepare in order to make the innovation process swifter, more effective and more efficient.  Teepin will be shown as a possible tool to support and follow through the whole innovation process.

The event will be held at Inova.Gaia, a technology incubation centre, in cooperation with Ana Neves, from Knowman.

To know more and to sign up for the event, please check this page (portuguese only):

iPad Pencil Stand!

Geeky Gadgets posted a most imaginative iPad stand made out of… pencils! 6 pencils + 4 rubber bands, to be exact.

Take a look at the result:

iPad Pencil Stand

iPad Pencil Stand

Pretty amazing, don’t you think?

Read at their website the full article and the way this was achieved:

Innovation in 2 wheels by VW (FastCompany.com)

Did you know that Volkswagen’s “focus on mobility” extends beyond cars to two-wheelers? Neither did we until VW research and development chief Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg said so at this week’s Auto China 2010 show. Hackenberg introduced the VW bik.e, a battery-powered two-wheeler that resembles a bicycle without the pedals.

Read the full article by Ariel Schwartz at FastCompany.com:

What a great small idea! – No more USB cables (and others!) behind your desk, for < $1

This photo is self-explanatory :-)

A very easy and inexpensive solution with a few binder clips (or banker’s clips or foldback clips). Just use the clips on the edge of your desk (i.e. behind your monitor) and you’re ready to go!

Original article here, in dutch:

» Also: Automatic english translation

Teepin’s Interface Tweaks

Teepin’s interface may be quite easy and straightforward, but one can feel overwhelmed by the idea stream, if working in a big company or in a company with very active colleagues.

Being aware of that (we’re quite active ourselves :-) we designed the interface with small details that make it very easy to tell things apart. Due to those “signals”, you can instantly distinguish:

  • Challenges from ideas
  • Spontaneous ideas from those that were submited as a reply to a Challenge
  • Between new ideas and already seen ones
  • Ideas under your management from all the others
    • From those, between those that require an action a.s.a.p. and those which have already been taken care of
  • Those ideas you’re following
  • Those ideas with comments yet unseen by you

Can you measure the impact from innovation? | Phil McKinney

Can you measure the impact from innovation?


One of the constant challenges for an innovator is to prove the value of their work.  Many believe that innovation and creativity cannot be measured and therefore will always struggle with getting the respect it deserves within an organization.

The perception that innovation impact cannot be measures is a myth.  At the same time, its not a slam dunk either.  The challenge is getting an organization aligned on what the right metrics and measurements.

via Can you measure the impact from innovation? | Phil McKinney – Sharing his experiences on innovation, creativity and ingenuity.

Fresh thinking for the ideas economy

The Economist believes that the world is governed by ideas. Because human progress relies on the advancement of good ideas, we are launching a new series of events that brings together top thinkers from around the world to discuss and debate the most important ideas of our time. By focusing on Innovation, Intelligent Infrastructure, and Human Potential, we imagine an ecosystem where good ideas move from concept to implementation, fueled by the power of human ingenuity, and only the best survive. Welcome to the Ideas Economy.”

See http://ideas.economist.com/ for more.

Teepin documents authorship of any idea

Teepin is a most useful knowledge tool for any company, namely those that, either by self determination or by mere pressure of the market and activities they dwell in, take the stance of pushing the envelope when investing a part of their resources in gathering, examining, assessing and eventually implementing the ideas they find most original and creative from their employees.

Company management wise, this software is quite handy and useful as it is recognized by its users, however, many of them don’t realize some of the legal issues that may arise on some cases.

To start with, one should bear in mind that Teepin materializes a manner of documenting authorship of any idea that’s set for debate within a company, or whoever was the first to assume “in public” that idea as their own, thus “taking the burden” of championing it in face of the scrutiny of all their peers and those high and low within the company’s hierarchy.

The same goes for documenting the opinions that, along the process of debating, employees and managers will submit to the issue at hand.

Far from being a setback, such act of documenting that this application provides, might reveal itself as a factor of enlightenment as what really went on, when any given idea or challenge was being debated.

This instance can prove to be vital when the company is to award merit (or demerit) for a determined idea or solution, or any outside circumstances, like Courts of law or any other public authority, if there’s the need for it.

On top of all this, it should be stressed that, Teepin has all the potential to speed up innovation within a company or an activity, which will lead to, at times, the need for legal authorship protection against illegitimate use or appropriation by a third party, namely copyright and industrial ownership rights, which must be declared at the rightful legal entities, for which purpose all Teepin documentation is neither sufficient nor appropriate.

About the Author
Nuno B. M. Lumbrales is a lawyer and a client for another web-based tool by the same team behind Teepin: LawRD – Reports on Demand, a tool for law firms practice management.

Not Only For Ideas, Aparentely

We have a lot of clients that use Teepin for other purposes too – not only to gather ideas.

Because Teepin, albeit very easy and lightning fast to configure, has so many options, it really can be used in a myriad of ways. One of those options is the ability to send an instant email to groups’ managers, whenever a new idea is submited, for immediate assessment. This option is off by default, but some clients like it turned on:

One of our clients uses Teepin exclusively to record building incidents, related to maintenance and security. Whenever someone finds a burnt light bulb, a broken coffee machine, a mysterious package lying around or even a lost object, submits the incident (= “idea”) on Teepin. Each type of incident is submited under a different category (= “group”) so the responsible for that category (= “group manager”) gets immediately an email on the incident, so it can be taken care of as quickly as possible.

And to take care of it is really simple too: just forward the incident to someone that can fix it (=”implement the idea”) and that person will have a new item on the “To-Do” tab. Once fixed, it reports the incident as such (= “implemented”) and the responsible person then acknowledges it.

If it’s something worth keeping an eye on, just choose someone to follow-up on it from time to time, and to report back each time! Teepin allows for all that.

Wouldn’t you like to have such a simple and friendly tool for that purpose in your organization?…